Horizontal Machining

5 Axis
HU -5X Trunnion Series HU-T Table-on-Table Series HU-TS Tilt Spindle Series

4 Axis
HU Series HPX Series

Vertical Machining

5 Axis
Vertex-5X Series VL-5X Series

3~4 Axis
Vertex Series VU Series VL Series

Jig Borers

3 ~ 5 Axis Vertical

4 & 5 axis Horizontal

Jig Grinders

Thread Grinders



Manufacturing and Assembly

The first step in our precision manufacturing process is our factory itself. Mitsui Seiki’s main factory in Kawajima, Japan, built in 2001, is truly the world’s premier facility for precision machine tool production. All facets of this facility were carefully considered and designed for the utmost in precision manufacturing for our “mother” jig boring machines, as well as the rest of the complete product line. For more details about this world-class facility, click here.

The second key ingredient towards producing the ultimate in precision and accuracy is the people. Mitsui Seiki management long ago recognized the absolute need for the most talented engineers and craftsmen to execute the wishes of the customer. This same philosophy holds true today. The skills required to not only conceive, and design world class machines tools, but to deliver on the promise of the ultimate precision demands that we seek out the most skilled persons available. Mitsui Seiki’s management is committed to continually developing the capabilities of our people.

The third major item needed is tools. In the hands of knowledgeable, skilled people, world class machine tools, inspection tools, and computer systems can truly be utilized to their full potential. Mitsui Seiki has never cut corners, or skimped on investing in providing our engineers, or factory people with the very best tools available to complete their tasks. We apply the same principles in equipment selection as we promote to our clients.

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