Horizontal Machining

5 Axis
HU -5X Trunnion Series HU-T Table-on-Table Series HU-TS Tilt Spindle Series

4 Axis
HU Series HPX Series

Vertical Machining

5 Axis
Vertex-5X Series VL-5X Series

3~4 Axis
Vertex Series VU Series VL Series

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J350G Jig Grinder


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Grinding wheel in-feed range of -3 ~ +50mm enables continuous grinding of multiple features and a variety of hole sizes to be processed with one grinding wheel.

15" touch panel LCD screen and specially developed conversational style programming software (G-MAPS) is provided as a standard feature.

Whole machine enclosure covers for improved safety and ergonomics are provided standard.

New compact design layout incorporates several ancillary devices including coolant systems. (Machine overall foot print reduced 50% from previous model).


Working Range
Table longitudinal travel (X axis) 500 mm
Saddle table transversal travel (Y axis) 300 mm
Max, distance from table surface to grinding spindle nose 450 mm
Work surface (length / width) 700 / 350 mm
Nos / width of T-slots 7 / 50 mm
Width of T slots 10 mm H7
Permissible table load 300 kg
Planetary rotation speed 5 ~ 300 min-1
Grinding infeed stoke (U-axis) -3 ~ +50 mm
Quill (Z axis)
Quill (z axis) travel 100 mm
Z axis chopping travel 95 mm
Max. chopping cycle number (25mm stroke) 200 cycle/min
Rapid feed - Table (X), Saddle (Y) 2,000 mm/min
Rapid feed - Quill (Z) 3,000 mm/min
Rapid feed - Spindle (C) 2,600° /min
Grinding feed - Table (X), Saddle (Y) 0.1 ~ 2,000 mm/min
Grinding feed - Quill (Z) 0.1 ~ 13,000 mm/min
Grinding feed - Spindle (C) 0.1 ~ 2,600° /min
Spindle head
W axis travel 300 mm
Grinding head
High frequency motor - For low (HFM-HV) 9,000 ~ 45,000 min -1
High frequency motor - For high (HFM-H) *option 18,000 ~ 90,000 min-1
High frequency motor - For high stiffness (HFM-HS) *option 9,000 ~ 30,000 min-1
High frequency motor - For ATC (HFM-ATC) *option 9,000 ~ 30,000 min-1
Air turbine (ATM- II ) *option max 175,000 min-1
Accuracy (X,Y,Z axes)
Accuracy (X,Y,Z axes) ±0.0007 mm
NC device (LCD)
NC device (LCD) FANUC 31i-B (15" touch panel screen)
Power 200 / 220V
Machine dimensions (Width / Length / Height)
Machine dimensions (Width / Length / Height) 2,610 / 2,665 / 2,504 mm

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