About Mitsui Seiki


Mitsui Seiki (U.S.A.), Inc. employs a staff of individuals who are exceptional in their areas of expertise. They have to be. The most progressive companies in the world use our lines of sophisticated machine tools. These clients employ the “best and the brightest” in such fields as aerospace and jet propulsion, commercial aviation, compressors, automotive, capital machinery, optics, mold & die, and general precision component manufacturing.

First and foremost, our team is highly engineering-oriented – even our executives – as most of our customers require high-end, customized machine tool systems. It is of paramount importance that all of our personnel in direct contact with our clients understand our technology. Even more so, we must fully understand our customers’ needs from both a technical and a business standpoint. We have degreed engineers from highly regarded technical institutions to focus on even the minute details of an application and the corresponding machine and commercial solution. Likewise our service and support technicians are thoroughly and continually trained in each particular machine type and are also knowledgeable about each customer’s specific system.

Often, our solutions are sophisticated, and represent a significant investment for our customers. In many cases, we provide a staff person to work on site from time of installation until the end user is completely comfortable with the day-to-day operation and functionality of the Mitsui Seiki machine, cell, or multi-machine system.

Bottom line – smart people have to build and maintain the most sophisticated, precise machine tools on the planet. Our customers must have these individuals, and we are proud they are on our team.

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