Horizontal Machining

5 Axis
HU -5X Trunnion Series HU-T Table-on-Table Series HU-TS Tilt Spindle Series

4 Axis
HU Series HW Series HPX Series

Vertical Machining

5 Axis
Vertex-5X Series VL-5X Series

3~4 Axis
Vertex Series VU Series VL Series

Jig Borers

3 ~ 5 Axis Vertical

4 & 5 axis Horizontal

Jig Grinders

Thread Grinders





X axis traverse
(Table longitudinal movement)
Y axis traverse
(Spindle head horizontal movement)
Z axis traverse
(Spindle head vertical movement)
Column front from spindle center 390mm
Table surface from spindle gauge line 350~850mm
Reference position (X axis) Traverse "+" end
Reference position (Y axis) Traverse "+" end
Reference position (Z axis) Traverse "+" end
Distance between the column 1740mm
Size of table 1,250 × 3,000mm
Max. permissible load on table 4,000kg
Table surface pattern (9) x 18mm wide T slot
125mm pitch
Table surface height from floor 1,000mm
Mechanism Built-in
Spindle speed 10,000min-1
Output characteristics AC30/25kW (30min/Cont.
Torque characteristics Max.262Nm(15min) / 191Nm(cont.)
Spindle taper 7/24 taper 50T Big Plus
Spindle bearing inner diameter 100mm
Spindle tool clamp force 2,500kg
Lubrication method Oil & air lubrication
Cooling method Coolant circulation through oil jacket
Spindle orientation Electric servo system
Spindle chiller unit (Method) Temperature kept to machine temperature
Spindle chiller unit (Cooling capacity) 3.8kW/4.3kW(50Hz/60Hz)
Rapid feed (X axis) 12,000mm/min
Rapid feed (Y axis) 18,000mm/min
Rapid feed (Z axis) 12,000mm/min
Cutting feed (X, Y, Z axis) 1 ~ 5,000mm/min
Minimum command resolution (X, Y, Z axis) 0.0001mm
Minimum movement resolution (X, Y, Z axis) 0.0001mm
Automatic tool changer (ATC)
Tool shank 50T(JIS6339)
Option: CAT50
Retention knob Mitsui Seiki Standard
Option: MAS403 P50TⅠ/Ⅱ
Option: JIS Type (JIS B6339)
Tool storage capacity 60 tools (Separate type)
Option: 90 tools (Separate type)
Option: 120 tools (Separate type)
Maximum tool diameter (with adjacent tool) 125mm
Maximum tool diameter (wo/ adjacent tool) 210mm
Maximum tool length 350mm
Maximum tool weight 20kg
Maximum tool moment 24Nm(2.45kgm)
Maximum total weight inside tool carousel 600kg(60ATC)
Maximum eccentric load inside tool carousel 60kg
Tool carousel speed 27m/min
Tool selection method Fixed pot bi-directional random
Tool change time (Tool to Tool) 10 sec.
Tool change time (Chip to Chip) 21 sec.
Unit weight (Including carrier) (60 tools (Separate)) 4,500kg
Option: Unit weight (Including carrier) (90 tools (Separate)) 5,300kg
Option: Unit weight (Including carrier) (120 tools (Separate)) 6,000kg
Spindle (15min/cont.) AC30/25kW
Axis feed (X axis) AC9kW (FANUC iF40/3000‐F)
Axis feed (Y axis) AC7kW (FANUC iF30/3000)
Axis feed (Z axis - Dual ball screws) (2) × AC6kW (FANUC iF30/4000‐B)
ATC tool carousel AC1.8kW (FANUC C12/2000i-B)
ATC tool shuttle AC1.2kW (FANUC 8/3000is-B)
Hydraulic pump 3.7kW 4P
Slide way lubrication 0.17W 2P
Spindle cooler (compressor) 1.1kW
Spindle cooler (pump) 0.4kW 4P
Spindle cooler (propeller fan) 75W
Spindle cooler circulation pump 0.75kW 4P
Spindle bearing/Ball screw lubrication pump 0.17W 2P
Floor chip conveyer 0.2kW 4P
Filter conveyer 0.1kW 4P
Back wash pump 0.62kW 2P
Chip wash pump 1.2kW 2P
Coolant pump 3.0kW 2P
Oil skimmer 15W 4P
Option: Filter supply pump 1.1kW 2P
Option: Spindle center through (3Mpa) 3.7kW 4P
Option: Spindle center through (7Mpa) 5.5kW 4P
Option: Coolant cooler (compressor) 1.5kW
Option: Coolant cooler (mixer) 50W 4P
Option: Coolant cooler (propeller fan) 90W 4P
Power sources
Electricity (Voltage) AC200/220V,50/60Hz
Electricity (Power consumption) 60KVA
Option: With high pressure unit +8.5KVA
Air (Pressure) 0.58Mpa and over of clean air
Air (Flow rate) 1.4m3/min and over
Tank capacity
Hydraulic unit tank capacity 40L
Slide way lubricant tank capacity 4L
Spindle bearing/ball screw lubricant capacity 2L
Spindle cooler tank capacity 60L
Coolant tank capacity 1500L
Slide way lubricant Mobil Vactra No.2
Spindle bearing / ball screw lubricant Mobil DTE24
Hydraulic Mobil DTE24 or equivalent
Spindle cooling Mobil DTE21 or equivalent
Height 4,700mm
Width 5,940mm
Depth (Standard) 8,900mm
Option: Depth (With coolant cooler) 9,450mm
Weight (ATC 60 tools) 34,500kg
Option: Weight (ATC 90 tools) 35,300kg
Option: Weight (ATC 120 tools) 36,000kg
Foundation Refer to foundation drawing
Positioning (X, Y, Z axis) ±0.001mm
Repeatability (X, Y, Z axis) ±0.001mm
Geometric Refer to test certificate
Chip Evacuation and Coolant System
Discharge of chip from machine Discharge out of machine by chip conveyer
Chip conveyer (a. Internal) (2) x Coolant flush trough (Both sides of bed)
Chip conveyer (b. External from right side) Universal, built-in type
(1) x Scraper
(1) x Hinge belt
with drum filter
with operator panel
Chip conveyer (Chip discharge height) 1,200mm from floor
Flood coolant unit (Pump unit) 50L/min(60Hz) (In case of water based coolant)
Coolant nozzle 5 nozzles
Option: High pressure center through system 3.0 Mpa
Option: Ultra high pressure center through system 7.0 Mpa
Option: Oil skimmer device Belt-type
Option: Work flush device Work washer gun located at operator side of machine
Option: Chip removal air blow External nozzle air blow
Option: Mist collector
Option: Coolant chiller
Option: Center through air blow Air blow during spindle rotation
Option: Air blow for cleaning work surfaces For AMCS (no air blow during spindle rotation)
Feedback and automatic measuring system
Feedback (X,Y and Z) Glass scales (HEIDENHAIN)
Option: NC Rotary table MP Scale or encoder
Option: Broken tool detection Fixed type
Option: ATLS (Automatic Tool Length Measuring System) Fixed type
Option: AMCS-7H (Part probing system) Renishaw (Touch type, optical signal transmission)
Option: Ring gauge For AMCS calibration
Option: Calibration tool For AMCS and ATLS
Option: Laser tool measuring system Non contact high accuracy measurement, Can measure tool shape and deviation. Includes calibration tool. Blum or Renishaw.
Enclosure Cover
Splash guard Enclosure cover (For high pressure coolant, with sliding roof manually adjustable at 3 positions and operator door with LS interlock)
Option: Interlock with door lock feature (CE spec)
ATC Safety cover Door with LS door interlock
Option: Door with door lock feature (CE spec)
Option: Mist collector connection opening 150mm dia.
X axis way cover Bellows type *1
Option: Sheet metal type
Painting *2 Mitsui Seiki Standard (Munsell RAL7032)
Option: Customer specific painting (Excludes EC cabinet, chip conveyer and outsources items)
Option: Improved ergonomics Pendant type operator panel
Option: Improved ergonomics Safety step above internal chip conveyer
*1 Bellows type cover is a consumable item and requires periodical replacement.
*2 The paintings used are epoxy type for both the under coat and top coat. Depending on the type of coolant used, it may result in corrosion or separation of the paint or rubber items. Please confirm with you coolant supplier before using.
Electric and Lighting
NC Unit FANUC 31i
Operation lights Two lights (Red, Yellow. LED type)
Option: Three lights (Red, Yellow and green. LED type)
Miscellaneous Automatic power breaker
Elapse meter on screen
Spindle display on screen
Manual hand pulse generator
100V1A outlet
Option: Power leakage breaker (Leakage relay type)
Option: Weekly timer
Work light inside enclosure cover (2) x 20W fluorescent lamps
Option: Light inside EC cabinet (1) x fluorescent lamp
Additional Optional Items
Management functions Automatic restoring function
(Requires Tool life management function)
Expired tool resetting function
Adaptive control
Tool information and setting function
Scheduling function
Load monitor function
Mitsui Seiki tool life management function
Mitsui Seiki Tool ID
External M code output M111~M117 code output
M111~M114 output terminal
Spindle thermal compensation function Z axis direction thermal deviation compensation (Gap sensor type)
Automatic fire suppression Interface only